Interview with Courtney Mericle

Health and Wellness Summit, Presented by The Shift Project

An overview of what Mindful Mamas Integrative Wellness stands for and what services do I offer.


Water Breathing

A technique for balance.

Just as a glass of water benefits us no matter what time of day it is, so does this 4x4 balancing technique. This is a great exercise to do after a big meal, allowing our blood to flow to our gut, preparing for digestion. Or before a big work call or doctor's appointment, helping us be present and ready to receive information.


Coffee Breathing

Your go to technique to start the day.

Coffee breathing is a great way to connect with our sympathetic nervous system - it allows us to positively connect with our fight or flight response. Consciously connecting with this response helps us greet the morning, tackle a task, or get ready to move our mama bods!


Whiskey Breathing

Yep, you read that right. This is for you, tired Mama!

It's been a long day of going from here to there, to let's be real - everywhere. Our minds are already racing getting ready for tomorrow. Lay down and unwind with this technique.