About Emily.

Emily Fenger is a certified meditation teacher, breathwork coach, and integrative wellness life coach. Emily works with women of all ages but is most passionate about bringing mindfulness to moms.

Emily started her own motherhood journey five years ago when she first was told that she might not be able to have kids. Emily had found herself in a place she wasn't expecting to, less than 100 pounds and without a period for three years. 

Once she dove deeper into her own mindfulness practice, which began half a decade prior, Emily was able to see the road her life was heading down. She dedicated almost two years to working with practitioners, nutritionists, and Eastern and Western doctors to stabilize her hormones and gently regain control of her body.

Emily finally was able to regulate her body and continued to do so through balance, meditation, alternative therapies, and incredibly raw personal development.

Emily finally became pregnant in December 2019 - but the road ahead was not easy. Emily's baby was diagnosed with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), Emily was anemic, and had gestational diabetes. 

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Emily was told by her medical team that her body was to be delivered by a scheduled cesarean - they had witnessed other babies with a similar diagnosis not make it to full term. Again, Emily turned to the gifts of mindfulness and the guidance of her higher sources to lead her and her child towards a safe delivery.

When Emily gave birth, her baby was quickly taken from her and brought to the nursery due to complications and difficulty breathing. With a completely numb body, physically and metaphorically, Emily turned to the breathwork she had been trained in.

Weeks after their discharge, Emily and her daughter were returning home, healthy and thriving. Weeks later her daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and Emily with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.

Over the last year, Emily dedicated her routines to her mindfulness practices, meditation, journaling, breathwork, emotional clearing methods, and therapy to help her navigate this new world of motherhood. After personal success, healing her mind and body from the inside out, Emily decided to get trained and certified in various modalities in order to bring these healing practices and routines to other moms.

Emily now works with women and moms in 1:1 coaching, group meditation, and breathwork classes, and is excited to launch more offerings this spring.