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Hi There!

I'm Emily (over on the right) and this is my greatest teacher (Mollie, over there on the left, favorite cracker in hand). She is the coolest kid I know and I am a meditation, breathwork, and integrative wellness coach, as well as a doula in training - but out of all the titles I have, my favorite is Mom.

I am here to help you mindfully navigate the emotional realms of motherhood - from preconception, through pregnancy, and taking that leap into "the beyond." I am also here to support you through the hardships, the vulnerability, and the rawness it takes to bring a soul Earthside.



"I notice that I have stronger emotional reactions during [Emily's] meditations than I have in others. I'm not sure if it's due to the directions she gives or if it's [her] energy that [she] shares with us, but it's something that I like.."

~ BD

"I think [Emily] makes these sessions so easy and accessible for ANYONE. There’s thought behind what [she] is having us focus on and [she] also provides a clear outline of what we can expect (how long, what we are going to be doing). This provides a lot of trust in the participant and also probably relieves any anxiety for any beginners. [Emily] also makes the space so welcome and inviting by totally owning who [she] is and being authentic. It really makes everyone feel like they can be themselves".

- RC

"I think what [Emily] is doing in terms of helping mamas in different aspects of the journey is so special and [she] is exactly the person for the job, truly."

~ MJ


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